Become a Notary

If you are interested in becoming a Notary Public, we encourage you to take one of the Notary Preparation classes before you sit for the exam. In Louisiana, you are not required to take a class, but you are required to pass the examination and it should be noted that the majority of the participants fail on their first attempt, and given the subject matter, we strongly suggest that you actively pursue the opportunity to study in an organized educational setting.

Benefits of Membership


As a member of PCLNA, you have a network to call upon for assistance and the opportunity to participate in voluntary continuing education that ensures your success as a professional. These meetings, held monthly, include both educational, networking and social times, to allow you to interact with other Notaries in our city.

Online Members Directory

Your listing in our online members directory is included with your membership and remains active for as long as your membership is active. Members can choose whether or not to be in the public directory on this website, but for those that choose to be listed, this is a tool for the public to locate a notary near them and we expect your notary business to increase as a result of being listed in the public directory. Each member has their own login and password and can maintain their own listing directly.

Notary Law Updates

Stay informed on current and changing legislature affecting notaries. Hundreds of laws are passed each session and it can be overwhelming for an individual person to keep track of all the changes, but as a group we have had great success. You can be a part of this with your membership and assist in guarding the Notary heritage regarding legislature directly affecting the regulation of the Civil Law Notary.

Training and Reference Materials

Although we expect some form of mandatory continuing education act to be passed at some point, currently it is entirely up to each notary to maintain their own training. It’s unprofessional and dangerous to act as a notary about matters that you have limited or no knowledge and the goal of our association is to provide training and reference materials. Each monthly meeting typically offers a training speaker that provides a learning experience beyond what you might find on your own. Our speakers have specific knowledge and experience in their subject matter.

Form Library Online

Access to our form library online. Your membership entitles you to login and download forms from any computer connected to the internet in word format. Modify and change them as you need. All you need is your member’s login to access the Form Library.

Professional Code of Ethics and Standards

As a member of the PCLNA, you’ve agreed to conduct your notary transactions under a higher standard and that further legitimizes your work as a notary. Membership means something!

Marketing Advantages

Our website has a high placement in the Google search results when someone seeks to find a notary public in Louisiana. With improvements and optimization, we expect this to climb even higher and members that are included in the online member’s directory can expect to have greater marketing placements as a result of their membership. Our “FIND A NOTARY” search form provides the web visitor with a way to find a notary close to them.

Recent Training Topics

Credit Sales of Immovable’s

Conveyance and Mortgage of Immovable’s

Legislative Updates

Business Entities, Limited Liability Company

Small Successions/ Succession by Affidavit

Vehicle Titling and Registration Requirements

Trust and Louisiana Trust Code

Notary Misconduct, Recent Cases of Interest -Ethics and Professionalism

Real Property Transactions

Notary Adoption and Notary Emancipation

How to Join the Notary Association

We are excited that you are considering joining our association and look forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming meetings. Together, we make a difference.

Although the PCLNA is based in Shreveport, Louisiana membership is open to commission Notary Publics from anywhere in the State of Louisiana. You do not have to live in Shreveport to join our association, however you must be a duly commissioned Notary in good standing and therefore either live or have an office in your jurisdiction as required by the Secretary of State. If you’re thinking about joining our association and want to attend one of our meetings to learn more about our programs, on your first visit, you may come as a guest.

Qualifications for Membership

Be a Civil Law Notary in good standing with the Louisiana Notary Division of the Secretary of State’s Office.

Compete an application for membership for PCLNA with the approval of the Board

Pay annual dues of $45.00

Regular attendance at monthly meetings

Be involved with the Association’s activities